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Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Securing All That is Important to You

Vessel Electric can help keep your home or business safe and secure by installing the latest in alarm and security systems. Our installers always adhere to National Electrical Code (NEC) standards, and perform services with the quality assurance that only our licensed electricians can provide.

Security & Surveillance Systems

Studies show that businesses and homes equipped with security and surveillance systems are less likely to experience intrusion and theft. Installing a state-of-the-art security system and/or monitoring device on your property allows you to monitor your premises when you’re away and help deter against intruders. To keep your property secure, Vessel employs a thorough assessment and installation process when installing the following systems:

  • Security alarms;
  • Keypad access panels;
  • Surveillance cameras;
  • Motion detection system; and
  • Monitoring devices.

Fire Alarms & Sprinkler Systems

Early smoke and fire detection is key to preventing loss of life and extensive property damage. Vessel Electric has the expertise to install high tech fire alarm systems that can detect smoke and thermodynamic changes in your home or business environment. Once we have installed your fire safety system, you can rest assured that your property is being monitored for signs of fire, including high levels of heat, smoke, and combustion fumes.

For even greater protection, Vessel installs the latest in sprinkler systems that can be installed during the construction or renovation of your home or commercial property.

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